Michael J. Wax, Ph.D.

This site is:

  • A source of neural network and genetic algorithm software
  • My online resume

My other sites:
Practical Studies A blog detailing problems I'm working through in programming, pattern recognition, project management, and anything else; written in Python, with pages generated from data stored in a PostgreSQL database using a Python implementation of the Jakarta Velocity templating engine.
Programming Toolkit Information for programmers; written in Tcl, with pages built from content in a MySQL database.
Programmers Bookshelf (Target: June 2007) Reviews of books that every programmer should read. Written in Java, it uses Struts for presentation and Hibernate for persistence (in front of a MySQL database), and runs on Apache/Tomcat.
Pattern Toolkit It's not there yet, but it will be code samples and information on pattern recognition, and a collection of references to papers on gene expression.

Recent Changes/Additions:

  • I've modified the old C++ neural network software based on the Node class library so that it compiles under gcc.
    I am in the process of rewriting all of the C++ code so that it is based on the STL rather than on (poorly written) homegrown classes. I also am cleaning up the code so that it is more idiomatic C++.

Updated February 5, 2007