Genetic Algorithm Software

C++ Software: Function Approximation

Download a C++ program which uses a genetic algorithm to fit an arbitrary series of points on the xy plane with a polynomial. The program uses generic class templates representing "Chromosome" and "Population" objects to do most of the work.
Fitting polynomials is not the best application of genetic algorithms, but is presented instead as an illustration of the use of the class templates.
This program is written as a Windows console application, but removing two or three lines of code will make it platform-independent.
Download source code

Java Software

Coming soon: Java applications based on a Java Chromosome and Population class libraries.

About the software . . .

You may use the code as is or with modifications at no charge, as long as proper attribution is given. However, I make no warranties, express or implied, regarding the performance of this code, its freedom from error, or its suitability for use in a given application.
Please contact me with questions or suggestions, or if you would like help modifying or extending the software.

Updated January 8, 2001